New custom chastity cage ordered!

So I’ve finalised the measurements and placed my order.  Now to be patient and wait…

Take the consequences. Be patient.

I hate waiting.  I’ve grown up in my adult life with the idea of Amazon and their Prime delivery service, with companies offering “free next day shipping on orders over…” and the like.  It’s all an instant thing.  If one online store is out of stock, another one should have it.  Occasionally I’ve paid for the privilege of next-day shipping – at 11pm the previous night, to have it turn up at 10am the next morning.  Amazing times we live in.  And to think, when I was a child, you had the offers on cereal boxes to send off coupons for a prize or toy and the small print said “Expect delivery within 28 days.”  The mind boggles how we went from one state to another.

But the world of custom chastity cages is a weird beast.  These things take time to make, apparently.  I don’t really know for sure, because no maker ever seems to admit exactly how long your specific device took to make.  It could well be a couple of days, five at most, and that includes polishing.  Who knows?  The makers do, and they’re not saying.

Red Chili open their store a few days at a time to get a number of orders in, then make them over the period of 2-3 months.  We don’t know how many orders they receive though.  Steelworxx simply estimates around “127 days” to ship.  Mature Metal don’t offer any estimates from what I can see, although there is the ‘expedited build’ for an additional fee.  Badassworkroom quote 2-4 weeks for build to shipping, although that has been double at times.  Rigid Chastity is the worst though, with people waiting almost up to ten months for a device to ship.  It’s bad enough being blue-balled by your keyholder, but being blue-balled by the device makers is another thing entirely!

Still, as we must learn patience from our keyholder to allow us (or not) the granting of an orgasm, so we should learn patience from the custom makers.  They are few in number, the skills required must be immense, to craft a device that has been measured and optimised to fit as best it can to our unique appendages.

Anyway, after that little random diatribe, let’s get on to the main subject!  I’ve finally committed to ordering the new cage.  I’ve made a couple of small alterations to the specs compared to my Steelheart, and will explain them here.

Steelheart Specs:

Cage Length: 60mm
Cage Diameter: 35mm
Ring Diameter: 50mm
Cage Gap: 5mm top, 15mm base
PA Fixing: Loop device

Badassworkroom Specs:

Cage Length: 55mm
Cage Diameter: 35mm
Ring Diameter: 50mm / 52mm
Cage Gap: 10mm
PA Fixing: S-Hook fixed attachment, 7mm (1ga)
PA Setback: 12mm

So the first thing is I’ve reduced the overall length by 5mm.  This is to take advantage of the space saved by not having the PA loop from the Steelheart.  If I recall, I had allowed this space for the PA ring I was wearing.  Of course, this loop caused a few issues with rubbing along the shaft, so was never used.

The cage diameter is perfect.  It’s a good average between my head (36mm average) and shaft (34mm) average.  Ring diameter is also good, but I’ve opted for a marginally larger 52mm ring to see if that improves longer term wear comfort, especially with my work periods.

Cage gap is larger, which has been recommended so I can allow my balls to retract better.  Apparently this is the opposite of what I thought early on in my chastity life.  I should have been looking at this gap, as it’s often overlooked and very important.

The S-Hook fixing.

The PA fixing was a weird one to figure out.  I was pierced quite high, so although I have a short piercing setback, it’s also in much thicker tissue and has been less prone to issues of migration (in other words, it’s not shifting anywhere unless ripped by massive forces – ouch!).  I took the setback I have, added a few mm for the foreskin, subtracted to a round number, and arrived at the figure I have.  12mm.  My setback is 9.5mm (ish, this is an average).  As a penis never gets fully erect in a device, the erect setback wasn’t a factor, but retraction was.  I ride a motorbike, and working also retracts me a little – hence why I added some mm to the setback. If anything, my measurements mean that the PA fixing will only really create tension down the penis, not towards the head.  It’s the S-Hook type so my foreskin won’t be the issue it has been.

Overall, I think this is the best set of measurements I’ve got.  It’s based on previous device experiences, plus using a spreadsheet to log and record, creating an average overall measurement under different conditions.  The conditions were pretty standardised, done throughout a number of different hours per day so as to find that sweet middle ground.

The lengths we go to to get that perfect set of measurements for a device to deny ourselves the simple pleasure of an orgasm, or masturbation!  It should also make my KH wife much happier, as it’s an open design, with the added security of the PA fixing.

The only complaint she has is the lack of padlock, but with my Steelheart now firmly in place, the integrated lock is a more familiar sight to her now.  She misses the “clunk/click” of the padlock, so if there’s any integrated lock makers, a padlock-type mechanism would be amazing.  Something that snaps locked when pushed in, not needing a key to lock, but to unlock only.

Overall, not a bad choice for my new device.  By the time it could arrive, I’ll have been without orgasm for around 2 months.  I should be very settled by then, and hoping my skin issues don’t flare up again.  Advice from various contributors on twitter and Chastity Mansion have put me on a path with experimenting with different aspects of trying to solve this.

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