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Chastity Mansion

In our search for good Male Chastity sites on the net we found many professional Dominatrix sites (for a fee!) and plenty of sites for those heavily involved in the BDSM scene. What we did not find was an entry-level safe haven which provided a fast, clean, reliable site for discussing our journey.
We aim to cater for all levels of experience, but primarily want to provide a safe haven for those on the more inexperienced side of these lifestyles. This does not mean you are excluded if you are living the D/s life, please come in and share your secrets to success.
Not every Domme is born that way, she may need time to discover her inner Goddess. Not every submissive is the perfect slave/pet/sissy – they need somewhere to share their fears and learn to serve their Mistress/Princess/Goddess/Wife…
This is a community, for those who wish to discuss their chosen paths, in a relaxed, care-free environment.

Chastity Forums

This board was created by a group of people who wanted to discuss the day-to-day experiences of chastity, chastity devices, and orgasm denial. We wanted a place to discuss the technical details, the emotional pitfalls, how to get our partners on board (or alternately, to brag a little when our partners did get on board), and the other aspects of living with these kinks. We also wanted to discuss these in an area that we believed we could safely involve our partners, especially if those partners were on the vanilla side. That meant an area that was relatively free of BDSM and some of the more extreme kinks that are often associated with chastity.
New members are welcome to enjoy any fetish you wish. We are not unfriendly to particular fetishes per se; however, we are adults here and we try to act like it (most of the time). We talk as adults, and tend to prefer to be talked to as adults. We exchange information and sometimes experiences, but we don’t expect other members to coddle us or cater to our fetishes.


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/r/chastity A subreddit dedicated to everything chastity!
/r/MasculineMaleChastity This is a place to post pix, ask questions and discuss topics related to male chastity WITHOUT the sissy aspect. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with males who are into the sissification fetish, this is just not the subreddit for you.
/r/chastitytraining A place to talk about the reality of male chastity (not a place to masturbate over it); discussing chastity devices/belts: buying them, being locked in them, training to wear them longer, making them work in a relationship! We are an inclusive subbreddit and all chastity fans are welcome.
/r/chastitytraining A subreddit for pictures, gifs, and videos of couples engaging in chastity play.
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