Everyday Chastity Caption #016

“Locked, desperate, obedient, & fully devoted to me.”

Locked, desperate, obedient, & fully devoted to me.

No. This is how I like you.
Locked, desperate, obedient, & fully devoted to me.
You’ll remain caged.

Featuring the ever awesome @MSteelwerks who is just, dare I say, fucking awesome with her content. It’s so supercharged with eroticism, almost dreamlike. Lucky, lucky dude to be on the receiving end of her whims.

The caption really sums up the mood she puts across in all her content. Seriously, if you’re into chastity (and if not, why are you here?), then go follow her. That is all.

Mr Everyday

Mr Everyday

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A married locked submissive husband, who's wife holds his key, controls him and generally reaps the benefits of this lifestyle he chose. Gets quite nerdy about chastity from a philosophical and psychological perspective. Enjoys chastity, obviously. Also has a more than passing interest in spanking/discipline, bondage, and appreciates all things shiny and latexy. Also enjoys electronic music, obscure movies and other strange things.

2 thoughts on “Everyday Chastity Caption #016”

  1. Being locked in chastity with a steel lock and not a plastic toy is 50% of the goal. Being teased relentlessly without hope of any release in the foreseeable future is the other 50%.

    1. Plastic doers have it’s uses, especially for travel situations (Thumper has written a lot about this). Steel just feels more ‘secure’ to me personally. And I agree that the unknown durations and uncertainty of release, the relentless teasing is such a huge part of the fun – as well as a source of enjoyment for my wife :D.

      It would be interesting to know what people’s preferences are, and why. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do a poll and set one up…

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