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A married locked submissive husband, who's wife holds his key, controls him and generally reaps the benefits of this lifestyle he chose. Gets quite nerdy about chastity from a philosophical and psychological perspective. Enjoys chastity, obviously. Also has a more than passing interest in spanking/discipline, bondage, and appreciates all things shiny and latexy. Also enjoys electronic music, obscure movies and other strange things.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Chastity Caption #011”

  1. My Lady does not like the terms… Permanent Chastity Permanently Locked or Permanently Denied
    as by definition she is left with no freedom of choice
    She prefers to replace the word Permanent in all three cases with … Indefinite
    The implication of any of the above being Indefinite is that any or all three states will continue to exist until she decides they no longer do

    1. Indefinite is a good choice of words, and the way use describe it as being “any or all three states will continue to exist until she decides they no longer do” is perfect. Indefinite to the person locked, and indefinite in the mind of the key holder, whose advantage is that she knows if/when release will come.

  2. Locked since 2002. Been in a pink Cherry Keeper since 2020. I think wives requiring their husband to be locked is becoming common.

  3. The thing that she “forgot” to mention is that SHE is the one who decides what “all goes well” means, and whether it did or not.

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