My Status

I am usually locked and controlled by my wife.  We had taken a long break before starting again, and a recent personal break too.  Self-locking for now.


Self-locked for: 2 days.

I have been unlocked for a while now.  Currently I am doing incremental self-locking periods which are increasing in time.  At some point I’ll probably be handing the keys back to my wife once I’ve re-acclimated to being caged, especially since I’m trying out longer periods in the BadassWorkroom custom cage.

Conditions below are irrelevant at the moment, but being kept for reference.

Current conditions:

I am not allowed an orgasm in the normal sense.  Ruined orgasms are now my only allowance.  A caged normal orgasm might be subject to testing at some point.

I might be allowed a ruined orgasm after 30 days from 22nd March 2022, but this may be extended to 60 days. UPDATE – This has now been superseded by being in a more permanent state of chastity with no defined release date other than my Keyholding wife saying it will end when “I give you the keys back (stifling a laugh), or when I die.”.

My only allowable releases are for hygiene & hair trimming, urgent medical reasons and at the whim of my Keyholding wife to play with as she sees fit.

SECOND UPDATE – I am now locked including her playtimes – any teasing/denial I get will be with me remaining locked.  Zero freedoms excepting the hygiene stuff.  Even that’s more limited now as I can keep pretty clean without unlocking, but we want to keep an eye on things.  It’ll probably change a little when I new cage finally arrives, but the long-term locks will still apply.

I am allowed to be unlocked for my work.  This is required for sustained comfort and use outside of work.  However, some working days are less intensive so I choose to remain locked for the entirety of the day instead. This typically happens for 3/7 working days (I work 7 days a week).  Given my working hours, I calculated that over the course of a typical week I can be locked for 20.5 hours per day on average.

UPDATE – my comfort situation has drastically improved with my cage and plucking the hairs, so generally I am now locked during working hours now too – with the exception of my wife using me as her plaything, I’m not released most days unless for hygiene issues.

Last updated: 6th October 2022

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