My Chastity Life Blog, Part 1

My Chastity Life Part 1

Returning after a while away.  Of course, I cannot keep chastity play out of my life, but the gap has been too long and I need to reset.  Damn my ADHD distracting me away from these things.

I burned out a bit.  Hence the regular posts have been re-titled to ‘My Chastity Life’ as it felt I was forcing myself to write events weekly.

Of course, I’m eager.  Willing even, not to cum. The appeal of orgasm denial is too strong.  Pleasure through the denial of pleasure is intense.  Some people may find that strange.  I would suggest experimenting if you are in the slightest bit curious about chastity.  You don’t even need to get a cage or anything like that.  It’s simply the act of delaying or denying the male orgasm.  Anyway, I’m getting a little distracted.

So I’m back!  I’ve actually been back a few weeks, testing out my cages, doing some new captions which no doubt you may have seen posted on here and on my mastadon account (please follow, beg beg).

Given the dire state of Twitter (no I am NOT calling it X ever) – I decided to abandon the site a long time back.  I did have a post and links to Twitter accounts, and opted not to remove them in case any of those people are still there.  But I make no guarantees about the accuracy of the links as I don’t have any access to the site any more thanks to the current idiots in charge.

My go-to cage was the Steelheart, but I’ve been trying out the Badass Workroom one a lot more this time round.  Just trying to ‘condition’ my cock into sitting in the cage style better.  I’ve managed to adjust the piercing attachment to try and give my foreskin a little more room.

Wife has not lost her touch either – we had a fun (if little light) bondage and tease session recently.  The first in a long time.  Work/life has been tough lately and neither of us were aligned in mood or feeling it.  But the first time in a long time and she’s complaining that she doesn’t have enough single ropes to tie me down properly!  Good time.  Kind of nice to not actually do any prompting from my perspective.  She wanted to tie me down.  She wanted to tease me.  She wanted to do those things and thoroughly enjoyed it – as she told me afterwards in a post session cuddle.  That was really good and somewhat comforting to me.

Deep cupboard Discoveries

During some routine winter sorting, my wife and I went through our cupboards, tidying stuff, decluttering stuff, trying to make things in our house a little more presentable.  As I was going through my own office cupboard I found a couple of things.

Steelworxx bag
Steelworxx bag, containing three old chastity cages!
A huge bag of chastity key holder locks and a ball stretcher (which was way too small)
A huge bag of chastity key holder locks and a ball stretcher (which was way too small)

Of course, I wasn’t the only one with some kinky stuff hidden deep in my cupboards.  My wife found something that we thought was lost.  I’d even completely forgotten we had it, and even now, have no memory of sourcing and ordering it.  A little pendant, that is suitable to hold a key in it.  By “hold a key”, I mean one that has had the end ground off it so it’s a lot smaller.

She made hints and findly recalled the fun we had during the locking times.  Obviously it’s a state I want us to return to, I agreed that it was fun without trying to be too committed and blurting out that I had been back to exploring chastity play once more.    She recalled my promise of sorting a key for the pendant.  Something I’ve already done, but can’t really open up about it yet.  I want to get my cock acclimated to the cage(s) once more before we head back into kink territory.  Speaking of keys:

Why Are Chastity Keys So Ugly?

I want to rant a little actually.  Who the hell makes these stupidly large keys for chastity cage locks anyway?  Don’t they even consider how ungainly the key looks in the cleavage of the key holder?  (Or chest, if you have a Sir holding it for you, I don’t judge here – just my key holder is my wife so seeing the key in-between her boobs is super hot to me).

Standard chastity lock key
Standard chastity lock key – big and obvious and not really ‘nice’

There is a key maker who I’ve had my eye on for some time, and one day I’ll surprise my wife with a key from them.  Unfortunately it’s an expense thing, as these are custom made keys in silver and gold.  But hot damn do they look good.  For those of us into this lifestyle in a more consistent and committed way they are a good option to show the commitment to this kinky life.

They are called Chastity Shop, and do custom keys in a huge range of styles to suit the keyholder.  From basic simple ones through to ornate, intricate ones, as well as ‘hidden’ keys in pendants if that’s your thing.

I have my eyes on a few: ‘Message in a bottle‘, ‘The Key‘ and the ‘Heart Key‘.  It all comes down to which style my wife would prefer.  I have to find this out somehow secretly so I can do this as a genuine surprise as an act of devotion to her.  It’s been a plan for a long time.

Custom chastity key for the keyholder
Custom chastity key for the keyholder – looks much better don’t you think?

But if you’re looking, then check them out!  As I’m on a new chastity path, knowing the achievements we have done before, and the fun it was – I would like to get into 2024 and have an order placed for the key.  Investing in something like that and that she can wear 24/7 as a piece of jewellery that has hidden connotations (if you know, you know 😉 ) should also help reinforce the chastity dynamic between us once more.

Future Stuff

Obviously there will be these regular posts, documenting stuff going on, thoughts, ideas, etc.  But I have other plans.

Chastity Fiction

I’m looking to branch out into chastity fiction and have been working on some story ideas.  Some are contemporary, some are more bizarre – fusing sci-fi, cyberpunk and the like with chastity play is an idea I’ve had knocking around my head for a long time.  I just don’t want it to read as corny or cliche, but grounded in some semblance of realism.  I’m still developing that set of ideas and as soon as the project comes to bear fruit I’ll post it here.

Video Clips

I’m also toying with another project in making some form of video content.  It’s still stupid early stages but more to be revealed at a later stage.

Other Articles

I’ve got a review of another Fancy Steel video to write up.  Here’s the first one I did.

I’m looking at writing some sort of guide for people – I’m not sure how much I can give except that based on my experiences.  A simple guide to fitting, chastity dynamics, probably from a more ‘vanilla’ viewpoint could be useful for some people out there.  Let me know if there’s any sort of guides you feel are missing from the wider sphere of chastity content.

Captions will obviously continue.  Speaking of which….

New Chastity Captions

What if I said you have to wear the chastity cage to be my boyfriend?
What if I said you have to wear the chastity cage to be my boyfriend?

Download Full Size (1860×2560)

Sometimes I pity you...
Sometimes I pity you…

Download Full Size (2560×1440)

Husbands need to earn their orgasms
Husbands need to earn their orgasms.

Download Full Size (2560×1440)

Anyway, have fun you kinky lot, and see you next time!

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Mr Everyday

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