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Male Chastity Blogs

Denying Thumper – A great blog documenting many many aspects of male chastity, punishment, denial and a lot of related information on surrounding kinks.

Male Chastity Journal – Writes more on discipline nowadays, but a fantastic blog nonetheless. A vital one as this was one of the first blogs I discovered on the topic.

Thrill of the Chaste – nice little blog I recalled reading.  Seems a little quiet these days though.

The Edge of Vanilla – Tom Allen’s awesome blog with lots to read and ponder over.  Fantastic writer. Not 100% chastity related, but as he states: “A journal with a focus on discussions about intimacy and sexuality. This will not be a specifically kink-oriented blog; rather, I intend for this to become a journal about the intimacy and sexuality within relationships that border on the edge.”

Giles English’ blog – How do I get my wife to dominate me? – a great writer with some good insights, profound thoughts on the nature of chastity, female dominance and being a slave to your woman’s desires.

Collared Michael’s Chastity Blog – seems to be a reboot of an older blog that the author states was taken down by WordPress (boo!).  Lots of interesting writings so far, and look forward to reading much more.  Very simple and minimalist aesthetic too, which I love.

Suddenly Subbie – The blog of a recently divorced, father, and had acquired a new girlfriend. They introduced their submissive side to her, and of course male chastity.  She really ran with it, and it has turned into a female led marriage, along with domestic discipline. Some lengthy, but great reading in this blog.

Female Domination and Female-Led Relationship Resources

FLRInfo – A fantastic little resource for introducing the Female-Led Relationship concepts to pretty much anyone interested.  Lots to digest here.

Domme Chronicles – From their About page: “I wanted to read about real people living in happy, healthy, troubled, flawed, loving D/s relationships where the Domme’s submissive was her primary partner, where he was cherished, adored, and opened up like a ripe peach for the taking. I wanted incredible hotness and sex and affection and beauty. I wanted hurt hearts and struggles and magic moments and some truth that I could relate to. I couldn’t find it, so I created it.”  Excellent resource and great for understanding the Dominant perspective.

Domestic Discipline and other similar practices

Domestic Discipline – Consensual but very real spanking.  A great little site by a couple who practice some very real discipline.  A favourite article on here is “Pick A Wall“…!

The Disciplinary Wives Club – old school site (using frames lol) but some very useful information on the DD scene contained within.


Jahrub’s Tumblr –  with a lot of captions, which are more cut-out from the originals to make them more SFW and easier to either share with your keyholding partner or to use for making your own.

Denial Permanente – Tom Allen & Mrs Edges Tumblr, featuring a lot of captions, comments and replies to questions.  Very grounded and still super hot to peruse…

Page last updated: 28th May 2022 – add the excellent Domme Chronicles to the list.

Previous Updates: 5th May 2022 – added Tumblr section and a couple of links.

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