An overview of my Steelworxx Steelheart

A close look at my now 4-year old beautiful chastity device.  A work of minimalist chastity art.

How I Discovered The Steelheart

Yeah, I’m hairy.  Suck it up.  My wife likes it.  Except on my cock.  I have to tweeze the hairs out from around the ring and cock and some of the balls (I can trim the rest).

But you’re not here to read about my general hygiene routines locked in a £300 chastity device as such, you’re here to read about my thoughts on the device.

I first saw the Steelheart in a reddit post.  I was smitten first by the sheer simplicity and shape, and the ultimately hot issue of denial – no ‘cock-shape’, no ridges or bumps to betray the contents, just pure smooth shiny steel.  I found out the name and maker, and was hooked.  I HAD to have this cage.

So in the middle of June 2018, I did this:

My order confirmation for my Steelheart

And I waited.

It finally arrived after a good long wait.  Not as long as people wait nowadays, I believe it was around 4 weeks back then.  Boxed, packaged with care, and all in a black felt “Steelworxx” bag.  Seriously though, what am I supposed to with these storage bags?  I’m gonna be wearing the damn thing, not keeping it as some treasured item.  It’s to be worn.  Anyway, rant over, I marvelled at the quality, the design, workmanship are all top-notch.  I guess it’s something to do with fine German engineering that every single part was as near to perfection as I had hoped.  Not a single sharp edge anywhere, even on the locking mechanism.  In fact the sharpest thing was the lock itself, something I should look at – being brass, I could easily file and sand the edges down to soften that as well.  I used to do it with the padlocks on older devices.

The Looks (It’s… Beautiful <sniff>)

Here’s a bunch of closeups taken recently, after years of use and also being in storage during downtimes:

The Steelworxx Steelheart, nearly 4 years old. Lovely beast.

The Fit

The fit for the device itself was superb.  The comfort for an uncut short guy with a prince albert piercing was off the charts.  I’d finally pretty much gotten my measurements perfect.  In the colder conditions, I could feel myself ‘rattle around’ a little.  In warmer conditions it was snug, but not uncomfortably so.  Attempted erections were met with an even, consistent pressure that felt somewhat unique to this device.

I was really surprised with how well this device fitted me.  Of course, this is barring the frequent skin irritations I’ve suffered with, thanks to my ultra high and tight balls which can also relax to some length, plus the fact the natural ‘wonkiness’ that we have is exacerbated with me.

As you can see here, the device isn’t level on me. Thanks, wonky testicles. But it’s a great fit nonetheless.

My devices always seem to seat themselves at the slight angle you can see in the photo above. It’s a manufacturing fault of the wearer, not the device itself.  It fits on smoothly, the softened ends of the guide pins means that if the skin does catch, it’s not a sudden sharp pinch allowing me to loosen and adjust rather than having to take the whole cage part back and start again.  Nice feature.

Once I’ve adjusted myself, the device is almost invisible.  The cage sits at a great angle, pushing my penis down at the best angle, which helps stifle some erection attempts, and fits into my jocks, boxers and briefs very naturally.  The lines means that the integrated lock doesn’t show unless I’m in really tight underwear, and even then I’m not prone to wandering around in my underwear in public anyway, so….

It’s probably more the age of my lock, but I have found it to be stiff at times, so much so when my wife unlocks I have to pinch the ring and cage together, again, I am sure some cleaning/modding to the lock itself would stop this, as a brand new lock and key would fit perfectly and slide in with ease.  Given recent events, it seems unlocking will be a thing of the past for some time to go now (details of which will be in my weekly update post).

Negative 1: Hygiene (Design Limits)

Let’s get to my only critical negative of this device – keeping yourself clean.  Solid tubes are a pain to keep the contents clean.  More so that the clear plastics of the CB6000s where I could see the moisture build up (eww) – in this device I see nothing.  NOTHING.

There are ways to keep yourself clean, as chastity blogger Thumper demonstrates, although I don’t use the PA loop (more on that in my second negative point), so for a deep clean I simply… pull out.  Yup.  However, before you go running to the comments saying “tHaT’s NoT cHaStItY!!!1!”, my wife knows. I can’t really get a proper boner, thanks to those aforementioned high and tighties, plus if I do get anything close to an erection, it’s bloody uncomfortable.  So there.

General cleaning is just part of a shower routine for me.  I find that pretty much normal cleaning will get enough soapy stuff in, and a slightly longer rinsing with the shower head does suffice.  If I have a bad day with my foreskin deciding to go all “French protest” and block the only exit hole, leading to backpressure of urine – it can make it funky down there so I’ll just pull out and wipe down, then back in and on with my day.

Overall, hygeine is… fine I guess.  I’ve not had anything drop off, no edema happens, the only thing I’ve had to sort out is cleaning the pa ring from time to time which I prefer to do unlocked and so have to call the keyholder wife to supervise.

Negative 2:  PA Loop (Personal Negative)

Steelworxx’ solution to the PA fixing problem.

The PA loop.  An ingenious solution to a problem. It helps retain the clean lines of the cage, is easily integrated and functions really well.  For most people.

For me, however, this little device had two problems:

  1. The rod used reduces the available space in the tube.  It’s 3mm thick so takes up a lot of side room.  This room was calculated to be filled up with penis, not stainless steel rod, so I lost space and put pressure on the skin of the head of my penis where it was thickest.  This meant more friction against my penis, especially at the head, and so after even a day’s wearing, it was chafing in points I could not see.
  2. The shape of the add-on is really geared for cut guys, who can obviously utilise the lack of foreskin to attach to the ring just under the head of the glans.  Not so for me.  I had to bend the rod to flatten it, allowing me to attach my PA ring through the available end of the foreskin.
Modded PA Loop – flattened to allow use for uncircumcised dudes.

This still did not alleviate the reduced space however, so if you’re enamoured with the lovely design of this device, ensure you’re allowing room for the rod.  It’s a personal negative, and people who use them seem to be okay with them,  I just wasn’t okay with it myself.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, this is an excellent device despite the flaws.  As long as you’re prepared to spend a little more time working out hygiene, etc, then this is a great device.  The complete denial of anything, from visual aspects (no penis to see at all), to sensory aspects (no holes or gaps = no feeling) is amazing to experience.  It did take me back to the very first device, the CB6000s where I suddenly had nothing to feel.  That was great in itself.

The engineering is superb, welding is flawless, the presentation is amazing.

10/10.  Currently locked in it 24/7 right now.  That’s how good it is.  At times I really don’t notice it at all.  Other times, I shrink a bit and my penis throws a tantrum rattling around in it.  During teasing, I struggle to get erect, and the pressure sensations come from every angle in equal measure, unlike cages where you learn where pressure is from the ring, or gaps, etc.  This doesn’t have any point of reference for that.

It’s harder to be stimulated in this cage, something my wife finds frustrating.  It’s quite boring for her to hold the wand at the one and only point where I can feel anything.  Putting a wand against the tube itself (a natural and obvious thought) – I feel very little.  I get most sensation with the wand nestled against the lock and tube.

That hardness to be stimulated is also fun though, because it’s so damn frustrating to feel anything.  A teasing session will leave me sweating and nowhere near any satisfying pleasure which increases said frustrations and denial.  Which pleases my wife.

As for opinions?

If you’re looking to buy one, I recommend the following:

  • Get the stainless steel ring.  This is a ‘base ring’ for the cage itself.  It really does help with pressure between the end of the penis and the scrotum.
  • If you have a PA piercing, consider the space the loop takes up.  I’m also looking at the possibility of a piece of locking pee-thru jewellery which can lock me “both ends”. The one I’ve linked to seems good, although I did hear one person who uses this saying their ‘screwdriver’ broke, meaning some work to remove it!
  • Integrated locks are your friend here.  As much as my wife loves the padlock, the cleaner lines of the Steelheart work a lot better with the integrated.
  • Make sure you know the cage gaps on these.  It’s really small.  5mm top, 15mm bottom (for me).

Dietmar is also very accommodating for any modifications, even if his answers seem a little terse and to the point, he really does understand chastity devices and can adapt to suit your needs.


This cage will forever hold a special place in my heart (and cock) because of it’s minimalist design, the simple but brutally effective denial of almost any sensations, the ease of placing it on, cleaning (the device, not whilst in situ), and just amazing build quality.  Sure, I’m looking to go back to cage designs, but you’ll be prising this cage from my cold dead hands because I love it so much.  I’ve even considered going for a second one.  That should be testament enough to how much I love it.

Best £300 I ever spent, and my wife would agree!

Rare shot of not-wonky balls. And damn that foreskin blocking my pee hole again!


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2 thoughts on “An overview of my Steelworxx Steelheart”

  1. Yeah, that “comfort ring” weld leads to…discomfort! Totally agree. Would not recommend. And the PA fixing was indeed meant for cut guys since I sent the idea to Dietmar back in the day. I don’t have a foreskin!

    1. Thanks for the input, Thumper! Your blogging on this device was some of the reading material I consumed that was instrumental in helping me justify my choice after ordering it… I could file and sand the weld on the comfort ring, but tbh it’s been fine with regular silicone lube application. I had tried similar Chinese devices with thin stainless and no comfort ring, and for me it was unbearable. So the ring works, just that one single weld not meeting up to the rest of the device’s exceptional welding. Maybe once my BAWR cage comes I can work on it and see if I can soften that weld down a bit. Also tempted to polish it like you tried to, but I like it’s ‘battle scars’…

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