Ordering a new custom cage.

I’m in the final steps of ordering my new cage.  It’ll be quite the change from my trusty Steelheart.

My Steelworxx Steelheart where it belongs.

I love my Steelworxx Steelheart chastity device.  Well, mostly.  There’s one aspect of it that I have never successfully gotten along with, and that’s the PA piercing loop.  The Steelheart is a solid tube, and a chastity blogger by the name of Thumper developed a loop system to allow the Prince Albert piercing to be ‘hooked’ on the inside.  Being solid, it means that you could not undo the CBR (Captive Ball/Bead Ring) jewellery and release yourself.  It was a great solution and had a lot of potential.  My problem was more down to me.  My skin on the penis would rub and catch along the length of the tube.  I put this down to the relatively short length and that the measurements available for diameter meant I was squishing up agains this stainless steel rod during wear.

As my job is quite physical, anything moving around and rubbing down in there was a magnet for irritation.  And as we should know, irritation means having to remove, with waiting for healing before being able to continue.  I didn’t want that.

So I’ve worn the Steelheart without the loop.  Which is a bummer, as I got my Prince Albert with the explicit intention of using it to enhance the security of my chastity device.  Originally I was going to padlock to my Red Chili London Tower, but pinching and a poor fit of the cage (my fault) put paid to that notion.  The Steelheart was a viable option, but moving/chafing became the problem.

So what to do about this?

Well, I have learned a lot since.  I pluck my pubic hairs now, improving the skin and comfort for wearing.  The size of the Steelheart works well, although even with such a good fit, I can remove my penis from the tube.  This is really only done to aid cleaning, as it’s bloody uncomfortable when I do it.  It’s certainly uncomfortable enough for me to not want to pleasure myself despite ‘defeating’ the device.

I looked around and tried to find alternative solutions.  I considered simply locking a PA ring to a cage, but this became a cumbersome look.  I looked at the idea of a locking PA wand device, allowing me to continue using the Steelheart.  This was a viable option, but ultimately I discarded it as I really wanted to keep the key use to a minimum for my keyholder wife.  I doubt she would want to have to fiddle around with two keys, two different locks and given I’m unlocking for some of my working days (as mentioned – it’s quite physical, and with a “high and tight” scrotum, that has caused other issues I’ll write about in another article), a major pain for getting me out and back in each time.

This would not do.

Rigid Chastity Halfshell with S-Hook PA hook.

Further research, I found Rigid Chastity.  They do some lovely looking devices, particularly the Halfshell, with a neat integrated PA hook solution, and even one for us uncircumcised types.  Called the S-Hook, this seems like a great workaround.  I’d heard good things about this.  I made an enquiry about this and some customisation work I would need for one of their devices.

That was now over a month ago.  Their communication standards are awful.

Undeterred, I kept them on my radar, and looked around some more.  One other maker came up, and I was intrigued.  Hailing from China, I was slightly sceptical of their quality and workmanship, but a lot of feedback on their reviews and also on chastity groups/forums gave them glowing reviews.  Fast turnaround, nice devices, even Thumper gave their BA-31P a good review which was high praise coming from the man who practically lived in his Steelheart for as long as I have encountered his blog.  I suspect Belle (his partner) is the cause of this, owing to it being her preference…

I wanted to leave the world of tube devices behind and return to the steel cage types.  They have plenty of offerings, and I flipped between a few different designs they offer until I picked my preference.

The Badassworkroom BA-21P. My next device.

I present to you, the stunningly-titled BA-21P.  What is interesting about Badassworkroom is that they seem to have evolved from mere clones to incorporating their own ideas as well as merging designs together.  The device I’ve chosen merges the design philosophies of the Mature Metal Jailbird, the more secure head design from Red Chili, the PA attachment from Rigid Chastity and although they have also paired all this with a hellish hinged ring (never ever get hinged rings…) they are willing to customise to your specification on any of their custom device lineup.

Now it’s split the chastity device users – some disapprove of the copying, labelling these items ‘knockoffs’, but I sit on the other side of the fence, because their devices evolve and merge in ways that the more established makers should have been doing.  It’s just the market.

I’ve got my measurements almost complete.  Cage length is still slightly undecided as to whether I could save 5mm because I won’t have this loop in place, but my foreskin takes up that room too.  Diameter is perfect at 35mm, I’m getting a pair of base rings with a slightly larger one to see if that improves the skin problem I get from time to time.  I’m just juggling my PA setback which is really a new measurement I’m having to record for the purposes of this particular device – I’m known to retract a little under certain circumstances, although when I used the Steelheart with the loop, I never experienced any pinching or tension.  My penis has been pierced for nearly 5 years now, so it’s pretty established, if at an uncommon 1ga (7mm).  I don’t foresee any pulling issues, but just doing some repeated measuring to ensure I’m hooking myself at a pretty central point to allow for a little back and forth motion.

Once I’m happy with that, I’ll be dropping my order off with them, plus expedited shipping.  One annoying thing about custom chastity devices is the time it takes to make, and getting something from the other side of the world means it could take just as long to ship as it did to make…

I’ll update with a new post on the order, and again when it arrives.  I’ll do a little “review” and see how it fits.  I’m sure if it works well, it’ll help the issues I have with working, and also means I won’t have to unlock so often to clean – giving my beloved keyholder a break from having to release me so often…  Which will mean more time for teasing, denial and other things 😉

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3 thoughts on “Ordering a new custom cage.”

  1. I used to suffer badly with pinching in my Steelheart, which appears to have the same configuration as your device. I was advised to try a smaller PA ring, and the pinching problem has largely vanished. I was using a 20mm ID 6mm gauge BCR. I switched to a 16mm ID 4mm gauge segment ring. The only downside has been that my piercing has shrunk from 7mm, and my attempts to re-stretch have been intolerably painful.

  2. In 2020 I ordered a custom size Cherry Keeper. Been in it ever since. Very light, comfortable and secure. Medical grade nylon in pink.

    1. Nice! The Cherry Keeper is a great looking design, although I am wary of 3D printed. Is it smooth and well finished? Must be super comfortable for that duration!

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