About Everyday Chastity

I began exploring the idea and concept of male chastity back in 2015, during a period of my life where my sexual activity was restrained already by two factors: firstly, there were some personal difficulties in our marriage and secondly, I was heavily medicated for depression and anxiety, and as such my emotional state was heavily subdued. Now these are huge negative factors to have when exploring a new kink, but here I was – desperate to find something that could provide fun and stimulation where nothing else seemed to exist.

The issues in our marriage were not caused by infidelity, or any such thing – moreover it was a series of medical issues that were causing difficulties.  Compounded with the mental state I was in, neither of these helped us in our intimacy.

Male Chastity did help restore a sense of intimacy to our marriage, but I really don’t recommend it as a ‘cure’.  We had a strong marriage without the sex already, and at the time we needed something fresh to help us find new intimate expressions without putting pressure in the wrong places.  It was really helpful, and took us a long time to find it’s proper place and to progress into a Wife-Led Marriage (WLM, also referred to as a Female-Led Relationship – FLR by some).  Now we’re finding it a normal, everyday part of our lives, like having a cuppa together, etc.

Why Everyday Chastity?

The idea for the name came about from the concept that male chastity is a “long” sex game or activity.  Basically it is a process of longer term denial (anywhere ranging from hours to weeks, months, even years).  Given this time commitment, there’s inevitably a point where it’s going to become an ordinary part of your daily life.  Even I’m sat here, locked up and not even thinking about it.  Yet it’s a constant, movements create reminders, so even though it’s become this almost mundane, everyday thing – I am still locked in chastity and controlled by my wife.


Last updated: 31st March 2022

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