My Week In Chastity – Episode 7

Surprisingly, I still have NOT had an orgasm for 37 days and counting – but I’m now collared more…

New cage on it’s way – hooray!

I have been frequently checking in on my recent cage order – a near daily occurrence now, and I was almost at the 8 week mark for waiting.  It was becoming rather bothersome, as I’d not heard any confirmation of the order, no queries regarding the specs, nor even any apology for the delay.  However, I woke up on the Saturday morning to an email saying it’s been dispatched.  A pleasant surprise, and one that I now wait for.

According to their shipping tracking, it’s due for delivery tomorrow lunchtime, which would be bloody impressive to get from Hong Kong to the UK in around 60 hours.  I remain sceptical, but I’ll be announcing it on my Twitter before making an “unboxing” post here.

The Badassworkroom BA-21p – incoming. Any day now… Any day…

Tortured – for funsies.

Well, I really did not expect this. It’s hard to understand what goes through the mind of my wife sometimes.  I knew she’d been planning to do something, but we had agreed that it’s far more productive and exciting if I’m not actually told what it is.  It feeds my anticipatory part of my brain.

We had failed to do anything the day before – work stresses, creeping exhaustion had contributed to some tetchy feeling, tiredness also played a part.  She had, however during the day masterfully messaged me various things throughout the day, and part of this is in the screenshot below:

Just part of a whole day’s worth of mental mind-fuckery from my wife…

All well and good. She gave no hints at what the “fun” (for her) to be.  However, we delayed until the Saturday.

Saturday evening, I’m told to shower and promptly do so.  She plays a “At Your Service Card” (from a set I bought on Etsy and printed), but that would not really get used.  I’m placed into my collar, the leather one, and told to lie on the bed.

My leather collar, getting a lot of mileage from this at the moment.

Then once she is ready, she enters, digs around the toy drawer, pulls out the cuffs (yes! I think to myself) and the bondage rope.  She’s never gone for this yet, but here she is with it proudly in her hand and a devilish smile.  The blindfold is missing, and is soon found behind the bed.  She proceeds to put me in cuffs, latching my legs together with the double clip and then tying my wrists to the headboard rails, and sneakily putting them through curtain hooks which are conveniently at either end.  So the loops are fastened and I can’t pull my arms in much.  There’s a little movement, but importantly no access to the knots.

Once everything is in place, she traces her fingers down my body, arms, and that’s it.  Knowing I’m safe enough,  she buggers off for a shower.  I’m stuck for about 20 minutes or so, can’t see anything.

I don’t even feel her re-enter the room.  Next thing I know is something very very cold goes on my legs.  I scream, partly in shock from something actually happening, and also because it’s bloody freezing.

This keeps happening across different parts of my body for a long time.  Of course, depending on the location it garners a different response each time – more exposed skin and sensitive areas get the shrieks, the hairier parts and less sensitive get the eeks. Wriggling, writhing, unable to escape and predict what/where it will happen next is just mind blowing…

Eventually she mixes it up with the wand on my cage.  This is where it really started to fuck with my mind.  Getting close to the edge, despite my restrained position not being conducive to my being able to tense the right muscles for climax – she would stop, and a random few moments later, the ice pack would appear somewhere on my body.

Of course, I scream.  Like a girl.  I plead, beg her to stop, she simply replies:

Of course, I’m blindfolded so this was my minds best effort at visualising it.

I ask if she’s enjoying herself in a moment of respite from the wriggling, screaming and moaning – she says yes. I only ask as she’s not laughing like she has done before.  She reassures me that she is really enjoying it, it’s making her smile.  A lot, apparently.  I couldn’t tell, because I was blindfolded.

After goodness knows how long, she decided enough was enough.  The wand was powered down, the blindfold removed, flooding my eyes with light.  Of course, she’s stark naked.  I didn’t even know she was!  I say this out in an expression of surprise, and she asks if I would have reacted differently.  I just say it would have driven me even more mad with desire.  She looks ponderously and says maybe next time she’ll tell me what she’s wearing – or not, if it was like this evening.

I’m released from my knots, the cuffs are removed but the collar stays on.  I’m to use her new toy on her.  I lubricate it and her, and start it off.  As it’s a new toy, we’re still getting used to finding the right spot and pressure and it’s all a bit weird.

60 seconds later…

She’s shuddering under an orgasm, pushing the toy away.  Well.  That was quick.  She had specifically said she didn’t want the wand as that was too powerful lol. For anyone interested – it’s this amazing device. Bloody powerful for her, and she was very very fulfilled afterwards.

We looked at the clock.  She’d been at work on me for two hours.  Two hours tied down, tortured with pleasure and sensory experiences.  Two bloody hours.  We’re both tired, but happy and fulfilled.  Except I haven’t had an orgasm, but I’m okay with that now.  As long as my Queen is happy, I am.

Amazing stuff.

The New Collar.

So my new collar finally turned up.  That company that promised hand-made quality dispatched from the UK?  Nope.  It came from China, took blooming ages to travel to me, and it had a presentation bag that didn’t match with anything from the original seller’s range or company name.  So much for their marketing blurb (I’ve removed the company name as I a: don’t want anything to do with them again and b: don’t want the liability):

“My name is <owner>, and I’m the co-founder and lead designer of most the style you see on our site.

<company> started when my partner and I were searching for slave collars. Sadly, all we could find were the typical leather/faux leather styles. The metal collars that we could find were low quality and definitely not made for heavy duty usage.

Honestly, I just wanted to find something unique and high-quality to show my wife how important she is to me. And so <company> was born.

The entire business is run by just the two of us. Each item is made-to-order and carefully crafted to perfection. Every single item we produce is made from 100% stainless steel. We put quality over everything.”

That said, it’s really good quality, nicely engineered and looked great.

Here’s a couple of shots – one without the o-ring hoop, and one whilst out at work (I made it a bit more obvious for the photo):

My new collar without the o-ring hoop. A nice fit, I wouldn’t have anything tighter.
Out during work. Making it obvious here, but a work shirt like this put it almost completely out of sight.

It’s nice, not overly noticeable.  Sits on the base of my neck and collarbones perfectly, so much so that my physical job didn’t even interfere with it – I wouldn’t run with it, but then I don’t run lol.

At some point soon I’ll present it to my wife and it can be a more 24/7 collar if she wishes.  Not sure yet, I’m just enjoying the current regular collaring experience I’m getting from her at the moment with my leather one.

I’m also considering a curved version from a more reputable manufacturer in the US, but at £60 just for shipping, I’ll be waiting a while on that…

Chastity Caption of The Week

This week – quite the obvious statement.  I don’t recall a source (should have made a note, but there we go).

Because it’s so bloody obvious to lock up your valuables, making sure they’re safe and ready for when you do need them… 😉

My wife often refers to me as her property now.  Whether it’s property in the sense that she is referring to my locked penis, or whether she’s referring to the entirety of me – especially when collared – is really down to context of the moment. Still, it’s hot and fun to be under her control, and she knows full well I am prepared to be in that state for as long as she is happy for me to be so.

Of course, slavery, property and the like doesn’t have legal standing, it’s just wording we use to indicate the power exchange, that as she says “I’m in charge” and is doing things like using the collar to reinforce that submissive state.

At some point in the next week I’m posting an article about how all these things we’re doing not only are benefiting our marriage, but also how it’s helping me deal with a huge mental health issue that I was diagnosed with, as well as my previous struggles mentally.  I’ve found an excellent article which I’ll refer to in that post as it perfectly describes the management process of this particular condition along with more kinky BDSM-oriented sexual fun.  So look out for that – I’m expecting to post it around Weds-Thurs once I’ve finished editing it and adding some more references from the aforementioned article and some other places.

Site Updates

I’ve made some graphical/typeface tweaks across the site, from the new ‘featured images’ on the main blog, to a new branding, hopefully I’ll have some time to finish them off this coming week.

And don’t forget – I’ve added a page for all my own Caption creations – you can see it here at Everyday Chastity Captions. You can also find my Vintage Chastity Captions here.  A longer term goal for this page is to allow a bulk download of the images so you are free to use, share and enjoy!

See you all next week, and stay locked.  If you’re not locked, WHY THE HECK NOT!!!

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