On really giving up control (Quote)

A great little quotation I found via a Tumblr blog from someone I know on a chastity forum.

Allow her to take control. Don’t anticipate, second-guess, doubt, pick or plan. Don’t make faces, and snarky comments, or otherwise undermine the dynamic you want and agreed to. If you really want her to take control give up control. Really and truly give it up. See where she takes you, you might be blown away by it, you might get exactly what you’ve wanted all along.

I love it.  It really defines the need to submit. Having one partner submit to another removes a lot of conflict – people aren’t fighting to be on equal or greater footing.  It’s often harder and takes more mental strength to submit, hence the reason that submissiveness (and I daresay male submissiveness) show a far stronger character than one who defines themselves as the one in charge…

Really great quote and food for thought.

Mr Everyday

Mr Everyday

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A married locked submissive husband, who's wife holds his key, controls him and generally reaps the benefits of this lifestyle he chose. Gets quite nerdy about chastity from a philosophical and psychological perspective. Enjoys chastity, obviously. Also has a more than passing interest in spanking/discipline, bondage, and appreciates all things shiny and latexy. Also enjoys electronic music, obscure movies and other strange things.

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