My Week In Chastity – Episode 2

Another week has passed.  Still no orgasm in sight.  Here’s an update on the last week.


My twittering about chastity and related topics of interest to me (FLR, Discipline, miscellaneous BDSM things) seems to have grown quite a bit.  Do you follow me?  Might be worth it for all the things I find in-between writing stuff on this site.  Look me up on the old twitteroo under @EvrydayChastity

Now the self-promotion is over, lets get on with the main part of the post…

Happy Easter everyone!

If you believe in this event, then enjoy the momentous occasion, if you don’t, then enjoy the chocolates! (Of course there’s also both options, but hey…)


Of course, I haven’t actually been unlocked for playing by my wife this much this week, she’s been struggling with her health issues again – however, we’ve been talking, and still doing things together. Her health issues basically sap any physical energy she has, so her doing things to me in our teasing sessions has decreased. But we’ve been imaginative!

She discovered a new “game” for me (or rather one from my list of suggestions) and she put her own spin on it. We’ve done this “task” where I stand in front of her and masturbate as she commands me to. I’m never allowed to cum like this, and the sensation of rubbing myself is deliciously frustrating. So the new game was “Keep It Hard”, and she started me off on 30 minutes. It rapidly became an endurance marathon as she would either distract me, give me orders to go harder or faster, etc. She’d tell me to switch to the wand (argh!), and back to my hand. I had to keep myself on the edge as she “wanted to hear me enjoying myself”! Foxy minx woman!

I succeeded – and then she said, “Next time, I’ll add 5 or 10 minutes each time, train you up to an hour. After that…. who knows?”

That was my last unlock for playtime. She’s teased in many other ways, through checking my “packages” during the day, sending suggestive gifs (lollipops lol) and sucking my thumb. For a woman who won’t do oral, she is damn good on my thumb. I keep telling her the suggestiveness of it is amazing, and would blow my mind blowing me! Still, my dream of oral on her remains in my dreams at the moment. One day…. One day….

Pleasures Of The sub Life

I’ve given so much of myself to her now – she wants something, I jump up ready to get it for her. She tells me to strip and server her naked for the evening, I do so. I cleaned the bathroom this week under her orders better than she would have ever done it herself (she was a professional house cleaner for years). I prepare the bed, her “upstairs toilet” (we don’t have one, it’s a commode so we don’t disturb dogs that board with us), get her breakfast ready after she’s done her early morning jobs, make sure she has what she needs. I find myself at so much peace and having so much purpose in doing these things, even to the point of feeling small orgasmic tingles in my cage. It’s quite wonderful.  She’s been engaging in being more dominant too – making me strip naked or wear my “butler outfit” (a lovely thong with elastic strap up the chest to a collar and bow tie), having me do my duties in this way.  She’s found it quite enjoyable.

Attitude - "Be deferential and attentive to her needs at all times."
Need to keep this in my mind at all times…

Review time for my wife

We’ve talked a lot, establishing more of the FLR into a more cohesive system and rules etc. We’re not contract type people, but our discussions usually end on agreements on where things are going. A few good points came up:

  • My wife has realised that phrasing certain things with “If you have the time, can you…” or “It would be nice if…” and so on are not always as productive as she hopes they could be. She’s beginning to drop a lot of the ‘nice girl’ requests and changing it into a much more direct and immediate order. Hearing her tell me to “Put this laundry in the tumble dryer now.” in a firmer tone not only gets me twitching below, but I find myself much more compliant.
  • I’ve always helped in various ways around the house, and my wife is quite practically minded. Because of this, she has always said she wants to play her part in doing things. I’m okay with this. But this last week, she’s started to 180 on it, saying “I should tell you to do these things, because you have no choice in the matter. I have the keys, I’m in charge here.” So I’ve found myself in the evenings just waiting on her, I have also been told to sit as her feet for tasks. I love it.
  • Obviously, control is not absolute, as we do talk about things, she’s aware not to overload me, but also to push my limits. I have attitude/frustration/anger issues I’ve been working on, and she is helping me to train myself by getting me to the limits. We’ve discussed what to do when I happen to go over the edge in this regard. It leads me to my next point:
  • I wrote a very lengthy email to help her understand my mindset right now. It’s been over a month locked and controlled by her, and we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed it all. The experimentations, the new ideas, growing into a nice Dom/sub dynamic too. I (jokingly) rated things we’d done, gave pointers where things could improve for us both, things that I hated, liked, etc. I’ll detail a few later.
  • So in terms of my anger attitude I’m working on, we’ve come to an agreement – she’s growing in confidence to confront it (I’m not angry at her, I’m not a violent person towards living things, just inanimate objects lol) – so she will basically issue a verbal warning, if I ignore that, a command, and finally the paddle. There is one more thing we’re going to do:
  • Get a collar. Our little ‘experiment’ with one really switched a sub button in my brain and my wife noticed immediately. In my email to her I explained how it made me feel, and she has really latched on to the idea. She even wants to get me a leash to secure me to an area when I’m working on a house task, and leashing me to the chair she sits on as her pet!
  • There’s more, but this should give you an idea of what’s going on in our discussions. It’s amazing. She says that she’s enjoying it all, she loves keeping me locked, having the power exchange, growing in confidence in herself, even using her little ‘service bell’ more.

I really am loving my wife transform in this way. She’s making her own ideas and rules and thoughts and suggestions so much more now. Which brings me to the most unusual thing that happened this week.

Male submissive collar in a clean minimalist steel design.
The kind of collar I’d love to get for my wife to use on me…

Service, devotion & an emotional outburst.

I’ve been doing service for her in the evenings, sitting at her feet, getting instructions from her, doing them, coming back and sitting, waiting. It’s varied, sometimes it’s a bit of housework, other times ‘fetch me a cup of tea’, or ‘wash my feet, massage them’. All sorts. It’s great, I gave her feedback that I don’t care how much time passes, I just enjoy this time where she is the centre of my attention, and she gives me the tasks, and rewards me with how well I’ve done, or a kiss, or whatever.

So after last night’s session of this, we went to bed. I drifted off to sleep, only to wake around 2:30am. Usually I’m waking around 6am from morning erections (not painful, but a good alarm clock!). Confused, I wondered why I’d woken at this unusual hour. I moved in the bed and then realised… My entire body had become super sensitive to touch. You know like how it feels when you have flu and your skin gets irritated? Like that, but pleasurable. It was like I could wriggle around and achieve an orgasm. Most bizarre. It kept setting me off in waves of tingling pleasure sensations. I had to take my blanket off, lying naked (apart from cage) on the bed.

Then my wife in her sleep reached over and cuddled me. I moaned. I writhed, waking her. She asked if I was okay. I explained what was going on. She thought I had Covid lol. I lay there, she gently resting her arm on me and my arm on her body. The feelings did dissipate a little. But then I was overwhelmed. I became incredibly emotional. I wanted to hold her tight, never let go, I told her I loved her so much…

Then I started crying. I bawled my eyes out, telling her how precious she was to me, I didn’t want to work the next day, I just wanted to forget the world and spend the day in bed with her, our bodies entwined together.

I really don’t know where or how this came about. She was mildly amused at this rare display of affectionate emotion, she would tell me this morning that she did think it was a very crafty ploy of mine to get unlocked and have some form of release, but she did realise that my tears and sobs were genuine and I just wanted to hold her and have her hold me.

If anyone has any insight into this, I would love to know. I’ve looked around and can’t find anyone else describing this state. Has my orgasm denial somehow lead to this? Or seeing my wife blossom into the wonderful Domme wife she is? Is it hormones surging around my body screwing with my brain? I don’t know… Answers on a postcard, please.

Gentle femdom illustration with a guy clinging to his mistress asleep as she looks on with care, thinking "He finally fell asleep..."
One of my favourite images by the amazing mare_ten on twitter (image links to post).

It’s been a great week. Next week could be interesting, we have a potential breakthrough in my wife’s health issues, and of course all the things we’ve discussed start coming into play as we start to gradually add them into our lives. We both know we’re in a stage of transformation and learning, communicating a lot in order to maximise our respective abilities to love and share in our new-found D/s relationship.

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