My Week In Chastity – Episode 8

After the hiatus, I’m gradually working towards more locked time before the key is handed back.

A Long Break, Still Desiring the Cage

The key event of this week – I don’t have a huge amount to write.  Yes, I’d been offline since June.  I’d pretty much gone silent on my Twitter too. But I’ve written in other articles how I’ve never managed to ‘escape’ chastity as a concept, a mind-game.  It’s always returned as a need, a deeper desire, probably closely linked to my experiences with bondage and my fascination with that.  Sometimes I’d done chastity as a form of self-bondage, different from the penis bondage I’d experimented with and loved.

I’ve spent 7 years with chastity as part of my sexual identity, and that’s a long ass time.  Especially when ADHD makes things unreliable shall we say.  I could get “bored” at the drop of a hat, or be so intensely into it for anywhere up to a few months.  Making something consistent is bloody hard with this brain.


I keep returning to things – some favourite hobbies are things I keep coming back to, but never mastering enough.  Chastity is yet another thing I keep coming back to.  I really can’t escape it, even when unlocked.

What I’m Doing Now

So as part of getting back into things, I’m just self-locking for now.  So far I’ve easily managed 3 days, now aiming for 5. My goals are pretty simple:

Firstly to get used to wearing the cage again.  This should be easy as it’s a familiar home for me having done around 100 day stints in the past.  However there is one difference – I’m using the PA loop as part of this attempt.  This is a major difference as it changes the internal space of the device, as well as putting pressure on the penis along the shaft/head area.  So I’m just wanting to keep a close eye on that as I make progress once more.

Secondly once I’m at a suitable stage, my wife can have the keys once more and the real fun will being again ;). I’ve not figured out what that ‘suitable stage’ is yet – maybe a full week, or fortnight, I don’t know.  I do know that I’ll be bringing this up some point soon, and I’m sure she will be thrilled to become my key holder once again.

However, that’s not without the complications of working out what went wrong last time – my own internalised frustrations need to be expressed and I’m not really good at that.  I’ve chatted to a few locked guys in very similar situations or with good understanding of this issue and they’ve given me some great pointers.  If you’ve done this, you know who you are and you’re all amazing!

We also need to refine the scheduling of releases/orgasms so I’m kept interested.  I’ll also need to allow to take short breaks in order to mentally recuperate, given how things fell apart last time.  But this is all learning curves, growing pains, etc.  It’s part of the complexities of being in a relationship, compounded by the kink/fetishes that we have going on.

Longer term I’d love for us to explore my desire for more bondage, which can be used for teasing sessions too. However, that’s a hurdle for a later date.

Vintage Chastity Caption

Haven’t made many of these recently – life and other things got in the way, and my creativity took a bit of a tumble for a while… But I’m back, and got a lot of inspirational images after much searching the archives.

TBH I don’t think she looked that hard for the key. Would you as a keyholder?

Chastity Caption of The Week

This week – quite the obvious statement.  I don’t recall a source (should have made a note, but there we go).

Because it’s so bloody obvious to lock up your valuables, making sure they’re safe and ready for when you do need them… 😉

My wife has often referred to me as her property.  Whether it’s property in the sense that she is referring to my locked penis, or whether she’s referring to the entirety of me – especially when collared – is really down to context of the moment. Still, it’s hot and fun to be under her control, and she knows full well I am prepared to be in that state for as long as she is happy for me to be so.  I’m looking forward to having this dynamic back in our relationship.  Or at least, the more kinky side to it.  Generally, we do have a natural Female Led Marriage dynamic anyway.

Of course, slavery, property and the like doesn’t have legal standing, it’s just wording we’ve used to indicate the power exchange, that as she says “I’m in charge” and done things like using the collar to reinforce that submissive state.

At some point I’ll be posting more articles about how all these things we’re doing not only have benefited our marriage, but also how it’s helped me deal with a huge mental health issue that I was diagnosed with, as well as my previous struggles mentally (The first part is here). So look out for the rest of those – I’m expecting to post the next part during the week.

Site Update

I’ve made some graphical/typeface tweaks across the site, but work, the extended break and a minor illness meant I haven’t been able to roll this out fully.  However, it’s 95% complete so you may not notice, but if something looks a little weird then that’s why.

And don’t forget – I’ve added a page for all my own Caption creations – you can see it here at Everyday Chastity Captions. You can also find my Vintage Chastity Captions here.  A longer term goal for this page is to allow a bulk download of the images so you are free to use, share and enjoy!

See you all next week, and stay locked.  If you’re not locked, WHY THE HECK NOT!!!  

PS – Happy Locktober to all those participating 🔐❤️

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