My Week In Chastity – Episode 10

A week of coming.  Not that kind, but of things coming into fruition.  And my domme wife coming 😉

A Fit Sub is a Happy Sub.

Weight loss has slowed this week, although I am happy to report I’ve been managing my lower weight without really trying.  But for me, despite knowing full well that diet is 80% of weight loss, I still consider exercise a huge part of it instead.  I think it’s the ADHD brain, feeling I have to be “doing something” about it in a physical sense.  Not eating as much seems too “easy” – almost cheating the system.

So I invested in a rowing machine.  I did have an indoor bike, but there was a bearing failure on the weighted wheel and the manufacturer would rather return the item than send spare parts (like it would have been £10 for a pair of bearings and postage).  So it went back.

In the meantime, I got to looking at newer, better bikes with spare part support and somehow rowing machines got in the mix.  I think it was the fact that an indoor bike would really be cardio and muscle work for the lower half of the body and I would have to supplement with something for the upper half.  Given I like some things simple, I wanted an all-body workout.

So a rowing machine would cover most of that.  I’d used one decades ago (damn I’m old now lol), and found the  routine really good.  I looked around and found the Concept 2 rowers to be the ‘Gold Standard’.  I was looking at a slightly cheaper magnetic one, but discovered a £180 per year subscription fee.  Concept 2 did no such thing, yet have their online logbook for free.

So after much finagling the owner of our finances, I got one.

Concept2 Rowing Machine
Concept2 Rowing Machine

Stupidly easy to assemble, and despite some videos on the internet saying otherwise, much quieter than expected.  Even when I got to a stage of doing harder sprints, it’s no worse than any of our indoor fans at full tilt.

I’m past my first 100k after a month’s rowing, and really enjoying it.

So what’s the point of all this?  Well, as the headline states, a fit sub is a happy sub.  I’m not only doing this for my own benefit, but that of my wife. She gets the benefit of a subby hubby who has more stamina, strength, mental health to serve and please her in the myriad ways she desires.

The physical fitness allows me to move around more with less difficulty, meaning I can clean, cook, etc more for her.  I can serve her sexual needs easier with less of that shuffling because “my arms getting tired” after ten seconds of holding a position.

The strength allows me to do more tasks easier, much for the same reason above.

The mental health aspect is an important thing too.  Rowing is often regarded a one of the more mentally demanding cardio workouts – not only is form important and you have to be mindful of all that, but then there’s the physical demands it places on your body that you have to mentally deal with too.  Pair those with the challenges of either a long steady state row, or doing a series of HIIT intervals, the mental game needs to be strong.

Post workout high is something I thought was just talk – until I rowed my first 5k.  And the same again when I did the first HIIT workout.  Post row I feel GOOD.  This translates throughout my day too – knowing I achieved X workout or hit a milestone means that when I’m struggling with work, or there’s just a ton of other shit to do, I can look at my achievements and go “you know what, I can do this”.

That translates to a better feeling of self overall (and with ADHD, you can feel extremely shitty about yourself at times for little/no reason whatsoever) – and by proxy, feel better serving your wife, your Queen, your Goddess or whatever term for who you serve as a sub.  This translates even further into a Domme who is pleased with you, and thus reinforces a deepening bond or relationship.

I hope all that made sense.  It’s just where I’m at right now.

Latent Dominance.

Given the recent lack of sexual activity or even intimacy for reasons, my wife and I restarted things.  Keeping it pretty vanilla (of sorts, more on that in a bit), she put on the damndest sexiest getup ever, which set me off right from the start.

After the usual furtive fumbling that we do (bloody hell we’re such amateurs that even amateurs would tell us to read a book or watch a video for guidance), she ended up on top of me, grinding away.  I can’t enter her because of ‘reasons’ (we’re working on that), but it doesn’t stop her rubbing herself all over my cock.  But there’s a latent dominant streak in her that I thought was gone.  She took my arms, spread them out and put her full weight on them as she pleased herself – pinning me to the bed.  I loved it.  It was unprompted, natural and just wonderful to realise that there is something in her that just allowed her to get what she wanted.

Obviously not us, but it was kinda like this – a bit more forceful perhaps…

After that she used the Hitachi on me, with the explicit instruction I was not to cum.  Her words were “I want you to remember this.  You’re not allowed to finish unless I say so.”  And she went to town, sending me to the edge numerous times.  After that it was a simple “That’s enough” and it was over.

Of course, I’m still self-locking at the moment, so it would have been easy to use that as a stimulus to finish myself off later, but I am keeping my honour and self-locked until she wants to use me again.

I love my wife like this.  There’s a dominant streak I seem to have unlocked, the power exchange that she genuinely enjoys. She’s really into the tormenting now, knowing that I am totally okay with it, it’s not “hurting” me as such and she can see the noisy, angst-ridden delirious husband squirming and desperate to cum.  And just laughs at it all, in a delightful, mutually pleasurable way.

I’m glad to please her like that.

Chastity Caption

Another year.  Whilst a whole year being locked is a goal, it’s out of my realm at the moment.  Still doesn’t stop me fantasising about it.  I’ve managed around 3 months, so I’m a quarter of the way there lol.

It’s a dream at the moment, and maybe with my key holders help I’ll get there.  She has a strength of mind to see a lot of projects through, and this one could be a challenge for both of us.  Small steps first though.

Another year locked up.
Another year locked up.

Chastity Caption of The Week

Of course, shrinkage is a thing that is hotly debated.  However, it’s a fantasy for a lot of people, and I’m not gonna say any different, given I’m naturally quite small anyway.  In fact it’s been a challenge finding off-the-shelf and even custom cages because my specifications often are beyond the typical range.

And my wife likes them small.  Odd that.  But she’s happy with me even if there’s some shrinkage from longer locked periods, or when I’ve managed to regain my natural size after a period of release.

The smaller your penis gets, the more inclined to keep you locked in chastity.

The Last Words

And don’t forget – I’ve added a page for all my own Caption creations – you can see it here at Everyday Chastity Captions. You can also find my Vintage Chastity Captions here.  A longer term goal for this page is to allow a bulk download of the images so you are free to use, share and enjoy!

See you all next week, and stay locked.  If you’re not locked, WHY THE HECK NOT!!!

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