Are you sure you want to go there? (Quote)

Male chastity will take relationships to wonderfully weird and beautiful new places…

If I say yes – there will be no going back – I will be your key holder from this moment forward – I will forever be the one who decides when or if you are ever permitted to be unlocked. Are you sure you want us to take our marriage there?

My marriage is forever transformed by this.  In the intervening years we didn’t have chastity as part of our marriage, it was always mentioned by my wife.  Frequently.  It made such a huge impact we can never, ever go back.  I don’t want to now.  She doesn’t either.  We are in a new era for our marriage, one where she is gaining more and more control, as I cede more to her.  It’s made us both vastly happier, not only sexually, but also in our day-to-day living.

10/10 would introduce chastity again.  Would also encourage anyone curious to give it a go, and see where it takes you.  My Weekly Episodes should give you some hints 😉

Giving the key to a keyholder is a huge thrill the very first time you do it.  I remember my heart pounding for hours afterwards, thinking “What the fuck have I done?”.  It settles, normal daily life goes on, but there’s something else on top of it all now.  This new dynamic to things.  The key.  That damned key, now out of your reach, beyond your grasp, now used as part of the inevitable teasing by your keyholder.  It’s a predicament.  It’s something that affects everything you do – from waking up in the morning (those morning woodies are sure gonna be different), to the way you sit, go to the toilet, ride your motorbike (if you have one), what you wear, everything changes.

And the keyholder is going to be there to remind you of it.  They play their part too.  You’re already aware of the chastity device over your cock, they are to bring it to your attention in a way that is out of your control.  Like the key.  They will remind you when you don’t want to be reminded.  They will test if you want to be unlocked, and for you to plead yes, for them to say no.

It’s delicious torment.  It changes your lives.  You and your partner, the keyholder, will be forever entwined.  My wife and I gave up for a while.  But I knew it had affected her greatly.  She often mused over how great things were when I was locked away.  She dropped hints regularly.  I wasn’t in the right headspace, but when we came back to chastity, inevitably, she took to it like a duck to water again.  Took the key and said “Thank you very much.”  We haven’t looked back since.

That damned key, it changed EVERYTHING…
Mr Everyday

Mr Everyday

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A married locked submissive husband, who's wife holds his key, controls him and generally reaps the benefits of this lifestyle he chose. Gets quite nerdy about chastity from a philosophical and psychological perspective. Enjoys chastity, obviously. Also has a more than passing interest in spanking/discipline, bondage, and appreciates all things shiny and latexy. Also enjoys electronic music, obscure movies and other strange things.

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