[Part 2] – From Humble Beginnings

After the initial thrill of discovering male chastity, what happened next? Big clue – PAIN

Well, from my early research, it was a “long game”, this chastity lark.  It was all about the duration, amongst other things.  So obviously I would gave to try to do this for longer.

Now, going back to my previous post on this, the sharp-eyed reader would discover that I bought the CB6000s copy.  Mostly owing to budget.  But there is an inherent design flaw with the CB6000s copies – one that saves the makers money, but causes a lot of aggravation for the end-user.

Look at that base ring. My scrotum is shrinking at the thought of this going anywhere near me again…

The ‘base rings’ on the originals are solid plastic (and still shit tbh), but the copies use a girder shape.  Now, when this “ring” is wrapped around your balls, and not forgetting that the skin there is incredibly pliable, it’s going to fold into the recesses of the girder profile.  And rub.  And rub.  And just when it’s getting painful, rub a lot more.

Heck, in my early years I even managed to break the skin on the base of my ballsack.  I tried loads of tricks back then – micropore surgical tape, wrapping electrical insulation tape to make a more squared off profile, coconut oil.  Nothing could alleviate the aggravation of trying to wear this damn cursed device for more than a day.

Which back then was some feat, I’ll give myself that.  I’d gone from an hour to almost 24 hours.  But this pain issue almost killed the new experiences I was having.  Almost.

I managed to procure some ‘official’ rings which surprisingly fitted the knockoff quite well.  They added some comfort, and alleviated the issue, helping me get to a magical and dreamt 48h.  Lets face it though, the CB6000s isn’t a masterpiece of ergonomic design.  I began to look at the alternatives – my research would begin.

Learning more about the Chaste lifestyle

In the meantime, I’d been looking into the chaste lifestyle.  Certain aspects appealed to me, others did not.  Now, I must introduce a huge caveat to my writings – I am not particularly fond of sissification or cuckoldry.  That said, I really don’t care if you choose to practice these aspects.  I’m not judging them based on what you, the reader finds attractive as a kink or whatever.  I’m only letting you know that you won’t really find that much of that sort of stuff written here.  My interest in the chaste lifestyle would lead me eventually to a place where I am in an evolving Wife-Led Marriage, where I am given domestic discipline and also worship my wife in the ways that please her.

But how did I get to this stage?

The very first book on Chastity I bought, 4th Aug 2015!
The second book on Chastity I bought, also in 2015

Firstly, it was reading about male chastity, and with this, I discovered the concept of key holding.  You see, it’s one thing to lock yourself up, put the key somewhere “safe” and let it run its course.  In my case, until the pain was too much, or I’d ended up damaging the skin again.  But the idea of having someone else in charge of that. Well, that was damned hot and I wanted it.  There was a huge snag though:

My wife was about as vanilla as they got.  Sex was basically missionary, it was almost like it was “functional” sex but without the function (my wife had had a hysterectomy, remember?).

This was going to be a long, hard, arduous road.  As you already know, dear reader, I do make it.

In my next part of this series, I’ll describe some of the appalling decisions I made on alternative cages, reaching a point of some comfort and how I braved telling my wife about this…


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