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“There is no shame in submitting to your partner;” – “It takes great strength to give control to another.”

There is no shame in submitting to your partner;
you are not weak or feeble. It takes great strength to give control to another.

The very act of giving the key to your partner, once you’re both in agreement of chastity becoming part of your lives, is a huge thing.  It takes a lot of mental strength to do this.  The adrenaline is there.  The loss of control.  The thrill of it all.

I still recall the first day I did this.  It took a few nights before I could sleep soundly as I could, the adrenaline was intense.  Looking over at my wife during the nights, seeing her sound asleep, unaware of the excitement coursing through my veins was all a delicious memory.

Nowadays, I don’t even see the key except on a rare unlocking period.  I’m not even allowed to touch the key, let alone ask to be unlocked (emergency situations notwithstanding).  Even now I still feel a thrill knowing my amazing keyholder wife has the key (somewhere), and relishes the power exchange that we’re committed to.

Even now, the ongoing commitment to keeping that control with my wife is something that takes great strength.  Continuing to remain chaste in the times it’s not fun, it’s tough, it’s frustrating, seeing it through is really hard – but coming through and seeing the number of days rise, the desire of preferring to pleasure & serve her increases each time.

I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Mr Everyday

Mr Everyday

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A married locked submissive husband, who's wife holds his key, controls him and generally reaps the benefits of this lifestyle he chose. Gets quite nerdy about chastity from a philosophical and psychological perspective. Enjoys chastity, obviously. Also has a more than passing interest in spanking/discipline, bondage, and appreciates all things shiny and latexy. Also enjoys electronic music, obscure movies and other strange things.

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